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How It Works


  • If you want to choose your fruits and vegetables before each purchase you may do so in our Shop.  This give you greater choices about what you buy and when you buy. Click the link to visit our shop. To find products easier choose a category for the specific Items you want.

Subscribe for a Seasonal Organic Box

W hen you subscribe you are able to choose the right size box for you or your family. This one time easy decision will allow you to get healthy Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables every week delivered to your door every week.

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3 Easy Steps to Subscribe for a Weekly Organic Box

1. Choose your box

Select the size box and frequency of delivery that is right for you or your family. You can save up to $10 per box by prepaying.

2. Set your preferences

Choose which items you prefer not to include in your box. This ensures that you only receive fruits and veggies that you love!

3. Enjoy your produce

Your fresh produce will be delivered right to your door. We guarantee everything 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Substitute an item in my seasonal box?

After you select the size box that is right for you or your family. You will be able to set your preferences. You will be able to provide us with a list of items that your family does not like to ensure we are only providing you with products your family loves. If there is an item you specify in your preferences that you do not want we will automatically substitute another item you do love.

Can I add items to my box?

Yes. We encourage our customers to order anything specifically they want in our Shop.  The items in the shop are not subscription items so you will need to order them each time you want them.

Why are there things in my box I didn’t order?

Occasionally we will give away product for free to get our customers to try something new or we will give them something free because we value your business. Also If we run out of an item, we will sub something else to make sure you get a full box.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes they can be purchased in our Shop


How do you decide what’s in each week’s menu? Do you use any local or organic items?

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality local or organic fresh fruits and vegetables. We try to pick items that are local, in season and organic when available.

Is Organic produce GMO Free?



Can I leave a review?

Yes!  Contact us at to send us anything.

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